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Week 14 Lab: Writing Microfiction – The Life of a Twin

  Six word story : The Life of a Twin "Wow, you both really look alike." Drabble : What It's Like to be a Twin A built-in best friend. The person that has been there from the very first moment. A mirror image of yourself. Alike, yet different. Someone to share every life experience with. To rejoice in the good times with and mourn with in the bad times. Feeling one another's pain. Some days you're your own person. Some days you can't be separated. It's sometimes hard to make a way for yourself – you don't want to be associated with who you're not. Yet, when you grown up and part ways, you'll always be connected at the heart. Nothing can ever break that bond. A photo of two girls who look alike (Taken by Sharon McCutch on Unsplash ) Author's note: I'm actually really bummed I just now took the opportunity to write some microfiction – the last week! But,  decided to write my dribble and my six-word story based off of my emotions and feeli

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